Monday, August 15, 2005

Kulasa wriTes AgAin

Wheew! My midterm was done! Oh! Thank God! But I don't think the Psychology midterm was good! It was so frustrating! But, It was done already! The only thing that was left for me to do was to give all that I can on the finals! So that the possibility of pursuing my plan was so big! I'm really looking forward to be exempted on my Bio Finals coz I'm kinda stupid in analyzation!Hehehe! Omg naman! Who would say no to exemptions? Gosh! Haay, enough for that!
From Friday until Sunday, I'd be in a Hotel! For my seminar!Haha!I'm quite excited for that!
Wheew! I forgot to say that I got an A on my midterm in PE!Haha! I'm proud of that coz I'm not really a good dancer!I was surprised to see my grade talaga!I couldn't believe it was mine!
Well, I started my third blog:
multiply was fun! I could post a lot of pix!Haha!
All I think about now was to pass the psych exam!OMG talaga!
I'm planning din to work in a mag now!I really want to be a writer!
Last Friday, nagprov uli kami!Haha! 2 songs with a grade of 99, my friends would say nga "ano bang meron sau?" haha! well, i think it's a matter of having a loud voice haha!no need to doubt! coz I'm a videoke queen! Haha!Jowkz!
Pao, special mention ka d2!Thanks for sending my pics on my e-add!Coz I really wanted to put on those pics on the net!Haha!Luvz you pao!
Yesterday, I was @ pampanga!We experienced walking in the field with bear foot, and even walking in the mud!Nagtanim kami ng binhi!Goodness!I really don't know how to do that!Buti na lang, there were no mice!Coz if I saw even one, I would really shout out loud coz I hate them!I'm scared of them!
I was @ SM Manila yesterday, a bought a pair of earrings&a bag @ tomato! Nagkita kami ni Jamu kahapon, so I grabbed the opportunity to shop a little!Haha!


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