Wednesday, August 24, 2005

KuLASA is here again!

i'm back, after a few days! so much had happened! I attended a 3 day seminar held in a hotel. The experince was so great! I really had fun! I'm enjoying being with the TS Family. Though the speaker for the Literary Writing didn't arrive, it was still good for I have given the chance to spend some quality time with the people whom I haven't gotten along with before. I missed my PC, but it was okay. I would have missed a lot if I did choose to stay at home!
I have known some of my midterm grades.

BIO: 95 A 4.00
PE: A 4.00
COMPUTER: 87 B+ 3.5
COM ARTS: 88.5 B+ 3.5

so sad for the last two coz my aim was to get a lowest grade of A- for my midterm, but on the other hand, it was still okay rather than getting a C, or B, or a B-, I promise! I would be working harder this finals. I really don't expect to be on the DL, what I'm after was for my plan to be pursued!

It was so confusing:
yeah, I really couldn't explain why there were people who need to pretend that they were being kawawa. I really hate those people who pity themselves but still say that he/she doesn't care about anything else! OMG, 'kung wala kang pakialam, why was there a need for you to pity yourself?" think twice okay?
well, I wouldn't speak naman, if I don't think na there was nothing wrong, but, it happened, something went on, so I have to speak up!

Jamu and I agreed to see each other at SM MAnila. We ate lunch together,eon! so happy! hehe!

I really hate this feeling, omg! I really don't want that my feelings go deeper! especially with him!I just hope, I would keep myself sane!


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