Friday, August 26, 2005

here I am

what is that sad look in your eyes
why are you crying
did somebody, somebody, somebody left your heart in the cold
you just need somebody to hold on baby
is it your heart, ooh, that's breaking all in pieces
making you cry
making you feel blue
is there anything that i can do?

well, that's from the song "tell me where it hurts". it's my song for mr. someone important, hmmmp, i really hate it whenever i admit to myself that i'm really liking him. so sad!

what adds to my insanity is my B grade in Psych! waaa! it's only 3.00. eniweiz, there's still the finals! strive hard pare!

well, for more info with ms., feeling beautiful etc.etc. just look at my multiply account coz, i'm going to log out already coz my father might call olready.

next time!this would be longer!pramiz!


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