Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm BaCk!

After a month, I'm back here! Not only here,after 2 years, I'm back with my sanity! After two years of waiting natauhan na rin ako! My friends were right in saying na 'kalimutan na siya', I think he really deserves the word 'goodbye', goodbye in the sense na goodbye bilang taong mahal ko, just like that! Although hindi naging kami, I've learned a lot of things from him! He inspired me so much lalo na nung 3rd yr h.s. pa lang ako! Sobra, I could still remember how I got good grades on my quizzes, whenever people see him, people would say, ang gwapo niya, that was true naman, honestly, I even asked for him to stay forever, nasa kanya yung mga hinahanap ko, I know, hindi ko pa rin talaga siya ganoong kakilala, pero dun sa mga nakita ko sa kanya, nandun na talaga! My best friend even said, pa'no kung kayo nga, ang swerte naman ng bez ko! But that was all over! Our communication was over too!The last time I saw him was last month. My friend who happens to be in the same school where he is sees him often,and then that friend of mine would always text me, report agad! Dun na rin nagsimula yung doubts, sabi nga niya I need to see 'him' to justify the doubts in my mind, but sa tingin ko, there's no need for me to see him, TAMA na yung mga nangyari to forget him! There's no need for me to justify the doubts in my mind, wala na nga kasi di ba?! IT WAS ALL OVER! I'VE LET HIM GO ALREADY!

I'M NOT IN LOVE, BUT THERE'S SOMEONE REALLY IMPORTANT. Yeah! I'm not in love at this point, I don't even have a crush, but I'm not denying that there's someone really important to me! I'm not telling this one to all of my friends, konti lang talaga ang may alam! You can really count through your hands! Promise! Bilang na bilang! The reason for this is: I want this one to be so private! Kaya konti lang may alam! Mahirap kasi! Mejo magulo pa, di ba, I'm not considering that person as my crush, o love, basta ang alam ko that 'someone' is so important, I can't afford na mawala siya!

SCHOOL.SCHOOL.SCHOOL.A lot of things happened na in school! okay naman siya! okay na yung convocard ko, I'm done with it! Meron na kong 5! Haha!Nacocomply ko naman yung mga requirements, but there was this one quiz na naalarma ako, so I have to work hard for that subject! I'm not that busy naman! Malapit na rin ang midterms, 2-3 weeks na lang!

sKin DeeP. I've gone to Montage last Saturday! The service was so nice! And even yung mga tao, they were all nice! Okay rin yung mga binigay nila for me! I'm really enjoying putting all of them in my face.

FRIENDS. Haay, grabe, ang saya, although I'm not with my h.s. friends everyday, we still see to it to see each other whenever we're free! Ang saya, kasi we became closer after we enter College! I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS! MWAAH!MWAAH!MWAAH!


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