Monday, July 25, 2005


No Classes today! bwahahahaha!
I have the chance to rest for a while! *wink*wink*

Supposedly,we'll be going to Glorietta today, but the plan didn't pursue! So the ending is, I'm just at home, facing the computer, searching for that osmosis and diffusion thinggy! Haay, later on, I'll be going to the nearest mall, (Robinsons), to look for something that will complete my Communication Arts project which is due on Friday!

I got accepted on our School's GLEE CLUB! Nakakatuwa coz I felt embarassed on the audition itself kasi feeling ko talaga what I did wasn't enough to prove na kaya ko talagang kumanta, though I'm not as good as others, still, I can sing kahit di masyadong mataas and I'm proud of it, and at the same time, thankful ako for that!

The only thing that I'm really looking forward now, is yung marecognize yung writing skills ko. I really want to be a writer kahit na tungkol sa Communication(Oral) yung course ko! Bakit ba, a broadcast journalist should not only be a good speaker, kailangan din naman ng writing skills dun!

CAPTURED ON SOMEONE: All I can say for now is that, he can really make me smile kahit na tired ako sa biyahe. The person involved is really special and important, but I'm reiterating that he's not my crush, nor in love ako with him, NO NO NO! If people can't understand what I'm saying, well, pls don't judge my feelings!


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