Saturday, June 11, 2005

HuRtinG Inside

i thought it would be fine if I'm going to see him, but damn! I couldn't hide that I'm so much affected but what I saw! I thought I'm now very much ready to see that person, but It was only now that I found out that I need to be more ready than the usual!

oh my! Love really sucks sometimes!


Mario Norman B. Celerian on 11:12 AM said...
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Mario Norman B. Celerian on 11:15 AM said...

Life and love sometimes sucks.... But it doesn't have to. You're young, your intelligent (that's evident) and most of all you are FILIPINO! We are the most durable SOB's on this planet. We can laugh at anything. We can overcome anything and be anything we want to be. Make my blogpage a link on your's. Maybe I could cheer you up with a few of my "clown projects" or something.... lol!

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